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Weight Loss & Nutrition

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At Addison Internal Medicine, we specialize in the prevention and treatment of obesity and its related health conditions, including hypertension and type-2 diabetes.


With the ever-increasing rate of obesity in the United States, it is essential to be proactive about understanding and managing this condition. Our team of experienced specialists is devoted to providing comprehensive care to individuals suffering from obesity, with a personalized and evidence-based approach to weight loss.


The medical experts on our Addison Internal Medicine team are passionate about helping you live a happier and healthier life! We work with you to identify the root cause of your obesity, develop a customized treatment plan, and support you on your journey to better health.

DietMD physician-led weight loss program

Introducing DietMD®

DietMD® is our newest non-surgical weight loss program led by Addison Internal Medicine provider Dr. J. Shaun Murphy. The DietMD® program is based on science and evidence. We show our patients how to easily improve their health with our simplistic and sustainable dietary changes. Our patients eat real meals, and see real results, without feeling deprived – that’s our promise!

Our DietMD® weight loss experts teach patients how to eat the right food combinations in order to lower insulin levels and keep those levels low. This is how you lose weight and improve diabetes control.

Tired of Failed Diets?

We recognize that most patients who seek our care for weight loss have tried and failed to lose weight many times on their own - and we understand. The doctors at Addison Internal Medicine offer medically supervised weight loss care. While diet, exercise, and behavioral changes are the primary ways to manage weight loss, we offer other key services to help patients lose weight.

Those key services include:

  • Individual coaching from our Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian

  • Nutritional counseling and meal planning

  • FDA-Approved weight loss medications (GLP-1s)

Using the DietMD® program, our patients lost an average of 29 pounds within 3-4 months, and an average of 45.5 pounds within 8-12 months of the program. These stunning results are a testament to the doctor-led weight-loss plan we have created. Interested in learning more? You can find more information about our DietMD® program here!

Bariatric Surgery

bariatric surgery

For obese patients considering bariatric (weight loss) surgery, our doctors offer pre and post-operative care. The success rate for bariatric surgery procedures can increase through preparation prior to surgery and proper post-surgery planning. Oftentimes, a bariatric surgeon will recommend weight loss prior to surgery. Our Addison Internal Medicine doctors can offer medically-supervised weight loss to help you achieve set goals prior to surgery.

After bariatric surgery is performed, it is important to get your body nutritionally healthy and strong. We work with patients to design an appropriate nutrition and exercise plan to support weight loss and overall health before and after surgery.

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